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Marietta Members Witness Historic Crew-1 Launch

November 16, 2020

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Members of Georgia Wing watched in awe as manned space flight returned to American soil, or rather left from it. C/1st Lt Katie Goins, C/CMSgt Erica Berg, 1st Lt Ethan Berg and Lt Col Tom Berg of Georgia Wing Headquarters, and C/2d Lt K. C. Stuart of Florida Wing watched the launch of the SpaceX Dragon capsule named Resilience as its Falcon 9 rocket delivered it into orbit in just 13 minutes. Something brand new to this generation of astronauts and spectators was the reentry burn as the Falcon 9 returned safely back to Earth for the same spectators to see. It’s fitting that CAP members were witness to this launch, as Civil Air Patrol’s National Commander, Maj Gen Mark Smith, has stressed the need for resilience in CAP members’ daily lives.

Proof-of-concept is very important when progressing into the future (and beyond). The Wright Brothers proved manned flight was possible in an extremely short flight of just 120 feet in 12 seconds only 117 years ago, but they never suspected that someone would fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Just a few very short years ago, SpaceX proved the concept – never before accomplished – that a spacecraft could be landed safely and reused. And that proof-of-concept flight was documented by a cadet from Georgia Wing seen here in this video report

The affinity of CAP members for aviation and space exploration topics is a natural by-product of CAP’s Aerospace Education program. The opportunities for cadets to shoot for the stars has never been more available or promising. That’s what one Georgia Wing cadet thought decades ago, which led Eric Boe to become an astronaut and pilot STS-133 during NASA’s long-lived Space Shuttle program.  Today’s cadets have the same or better opportunities to immerse themselves in the CAP Aerospace Education training and potentially open their doors to space . . . the final frontier.

Written by Lt Col Tom Berg, GA001

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